Jade Nacole

Jade Nacole Jade Nacole
Jade Nacole @ Gloryhole-Initiations.com
Jade Nacole could live the good life by attaching herself to any number of wealthy guys that frequent this strip club. Jade’s working for herself and dancing in a club that has a terrible reputation for lewd acts. The stripper pole’s unsanitary nature is the least of Jade’s worries. The shit she gets called while dancing doesn’t faze her. No, the evening of dancing soon finds Jade in the cross hairs of an anonymous white cock via the gloryhole. Jade’s smokin’ hot body kneels down low enough so that she can attempt to siphon all of that cracker cock. Jade’s initial hesitation disappears when she remembers to do as they do in Rome. Jade Nachole’s fun in the Champagne Room comes complete with her riding on the wall until that black pussy nearly caves in. The white boy behind the wall can’t hold back any further….he unloads, she loves it. This is the making of a truly romantic Interracial love story.
Jade Nacole Jade Nacole

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Ginger, Wet Chocolate

You aren’t going to find any thug princesses here. In fact, Dazz and Wet Chocolate prefer the simple life over the thug life, especially when that life includes snacking on your girlfriend’s warm, wet vag until she cums all over your face. Their twats are already glistening with dew as they work their fingers in and out of their holes, and lick each other’s clits. When they’re in need of some penetration, they take out a dildo to glide in and out of each other’s love tunnels, slamming their chocolate clams until every one of these two ebony and lovely cooter divers has an climax in front of the camera, thanks to their lesbian lover.

Chocolate Sistas

Katie Thomas

Katie Thomas Katie Thomas
Katie Thomas @ RuthBlackwell.com
Katie Thomas. Spring’s little sister. A Legend of Black Dick! Spring Thomas. And now — Katie. What a little whore. She’s the first to admit it, too. I love bringing super star sluts onto my site. Cause I’m a super star, too! Katie takes all of Wesley’s black dick, that’s for sure! We have a fun time tag-teaming Wes. Then, Wes unloads directly into my mouth, and then I do what all good black dick cum whores do — I cum swap with Katie. It’s really a hot scene, and we both had a blast shooting it! Why wouldn’t we? We’re both BCS. XOXO – Ruthie.
Katie Thomas Katie Thomas

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Sheila Marie, Nathan Threat

It’s four o’clock in the morning and the nightclub is almost empty. Filthy tart Rosanna scans the room, finally settling on a dreadlocked man that she sees in the corner. She flaunts her body in front of him and is heartened when he rocks up, introducing himself and inviting her back to his crib. She is surprised by the opulence of this muscular black guy’s house, sitting down on the couch next to him and taking off her bang me boots. She leans over and begins to her fellate him, marvelling at the size of that ebony shaft, while he reaches over to feel inside her wet lingerie. This brunette really gets stretched out good by the ebony man!

I Like Em White

Christie Stevens

Christie Stevens Christie Stevens
Christie Stevens @ InterracialBlowBang.com
It’s 2012 and the black man is still in the scope of racist crackers who’d love nothing better than to see my people six feet under. I’m wearing this hoodie in direct defiance of the PIGS that want to see the black race extinguished. Thankfully, Christie Stevens sees things our way and she has sympathy for the black man. the festivities began with Christie Stevens parading her fine self around the streets before joining my brothers and I for a blowbang of epic proportions. Christie Stevens crawled over to each pissed off black man right before her mouth was stuffed to the max. We each took turns skull fucking her face while her fat tits were palmed like basketballs. We gave this poor little country bumpkin an overdose of big black cocks and her hands rubbed and tugged on any black dick not in her mouth. The black hands of justice came down the second we started dousing her milky, white skin with our ghetto gravy.
Christie Stevens Christie Stevens
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Bella Moretti, Lee Bang

Skinny, long legged black babe Bella Moretti is dressed in fishnet underwear and bra ready to party today. She flashes her perfect, natural melons, tweaking her pert nipples thinking about a slow seductive bang fest. She kneels in front of the couch awaiting a massive dark cock to fill her up. Lee Bang enters and gives her everything her heart desires. This gorgeous dickhead sucker opens wide and lets him bang her face, deep cock gargling his entire length. When she climbs on top of his lap and slips his penis into her firm vagina she cries out as he stretches her wide open.

Ebony Internal

Revenge Of The Cuckold

Revenge Of The Cuckold Revenge Of The Cuckold
Revenge Of The Cuckold @ SpringThomas.com
Well Bois and Girls, I dunno how to describe this scene, or what to even say. Well, that’s a lie. I know how to do both. A silly whiteboi came to set, and he was packing about 4 inches of man meat – when it was totally hard – and he watched me pleasure myself with about 11 inches of dark dick. In between fuck sessions the whiteboi cleaned my pussy with his tounge and prepped it for the next position. I’m sure he tasted some dick, too. Then he served me as a lube boi, properly lubricating my swollen pussy to acomodate all that dick, cause really, even though my pussy was wet, I still needed a little help, and Lube Boi was there to put lube on my big dick and my aching puss. Wow did I get stretched out!!! So anyway, as a special treat I allowed my cuckold to beat his tiny meat while I watched, and lo and behold he actually had a huge load, which doesn’t surprise me at all, since tiny-dicked fatso whitebois hardly ever get laid. Anyway, as you can see by scene’s end, I’m not a happy camper…not one bit. I guess I got a taste of my own medicine, so to speak. But I figured you guys would love it, and since I love my members, here it is, my gift to you. XOXOXOXOX – Spring
Revenge Of The Cuckold Revenge Of The Cuckold
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Hope I Get Lucky

Hope I Get Lucky Hope I Get Lucky
Hope I Get Lucky @ BarbCummings.com
This was supposed to be a double bust in my cunt from 2 young black studs, but instead it turned out to just be a bust. One boy couldn’t find his edge, and had no wood, and the other numbnuts popped in his own hand. How the hell am I supposed to get pregnant from that shit? It looked like I may have to go without my weekly interracial cream pie! So what to do? Finally I decided to call in my backup fuck, Lucky, who always delivers the goods. Let’s just hope that he lives up to his name, and bakes up a poppin’ fresh chocolate bun from my steaming hot oven! I decided to give Lucky the BFE, or boyfriend experience instead of my usual "total slut with attitude." Maybe a little TLC will encourage him to go the extra mile and give me a better chance to get to the delivery room. One good thing about Lucky is he doesn’t have far to shoot to hit my cervix, he is one long slab of dark meat! We are talking 12 inches of big black cock. Thick black interracial dick! I gave Lucky the suck, fuck, suck, fuck… repeat, treatment and when he was hard enough to cut a diamond, I opened up and let him blast my innards with enough "hood custard" to knock up the whole hood. Hope I get Lucky with Lucky! XOXOXOXOXOXXO
Hope I Get Lucky Hope I Get Lucky

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Worlds Biggest Cock

Worlds Biggest Cock Worlds Biggest Cock
Worlds Biggest Cock @ KatieThomas.com
Today is Shorty Mac’s birthday! Yay! And guess what? I’m his present! My friend Audrey Elson is here to help. ..and from the size of that cock, I may need some help. Shorty has a fucking MAMMOTH cock. Audrey calls it "The Destroyer". That’s a fitting name cuz it’s a fucking killer. Shorty is only 5’2" which makes his cock pretty much the biggest cock in the world.
Worlds Biggest Cock Worlds Biggest Cock
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